Reviews and Reports

Reviews, reports and activities undertaken by the INSLM Dr James Renwick CSC SC. Reports issued by previous INSLMs are available.

18 September 2019

The Attorney-General the Hon Christian Porter MP, referred for my review the operation, effectiveness and implications of the terrorism-related citizenship loss provisions in the Australian Citizenship Act 2007, to be reported on by 15 August 2019.

2 April 2019

Under s 7 of the INSLM Act, following a suggestion made by the CDPP, Ms Sarah McNaughton SC, and a request by me, the then Prime Minister, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, referred to me for review the matter of ‘the prosecution and sentencing
of children for terrorism offences’.

5 March 2018

On 7 September 2017, the INSLM Dr James Renwick SC completed his reports on Statutory Deadline Reviews which includes legislation for: Division 3A of Part 1AA of the Crimes Act (Stop, Search & Seize powers), Sections 119.2 and 119.3 of the Criminal Code (Declared Areas), and Divisions 104 and 105 of the Criminal Code (Control Orders & Preventative Detention Orders) including the interoperability of the control order regime and the High Risk Terrorist Offenders Act 2016.