About the INSLM

Role of the INSLM

The Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (INSLM) is independent of Government. The functions and powers of the INSLM are set out in the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor Act 2010 (INSLM Act). The INSLM Act, most recently amended in December 2014, can be downloaded at the Federal Register of Legislation.

The role of the INSLM is to review the operation, effectiveness and implications of Australia’s counter‑terrorism and national security legislation on an ongoing basis. This includes considering whether legislation contains appropriate safeguards for protecting the rights of individuals, remains proportionate to any threat of terrorism or threat to national security or both, and remains necessary.

Australian security and intelligence agencies provide the INSLM with information (both classified and unclassified), relevant to the above functions. This is under compulsion in some circumstances.

The INSLM makes recommendations on these matters in reports, which are then tabled in Parliament.

Appointment of the INSLM

The INSLM is appointed under the INSLM Act.

Under the INSLM Act, the INSLM is appointed on a part-time basis for a period not exceeding three years. The INSLM is eligible for re–appointment once only.

The Current INSLM

Dr James Renwick SC

The Governor-General has appointed Dr James Renwick SC of 12 Wentworth/Selborne Chambers at the NSW Bar as the INSLM.  This appointment is for a three year term.  Dr Renwick has been acting as the INSLM, appointed by the Prime Minister since early 2017.

Read the Prime Minister's press release.

The Previous INSLMs

Mr Bret Walker SC

The first INSLM, Mr Bret Walker SC, held the office from 21 April 2011 to 20 April 2014.

The Hon Roger Gyles AO QC

The second INSLM the Hon Roger Gyles AO QC held office from 20 August 2015 to 31 October 2016. The Attorney-General, the Hon George Brandis QC, thanked Mr Gyles for his work as the INSLM and also noted Mr Gyles’ many years of distinguished service to the nation in a myriad of roles.