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  • As part of his review into the terrorism-related citizenship loss provisions, the INSLM attended a round-table seminar at the Bingham Rule of Law Centre in London on Friday 10 May. Read the full summary of the proceedings for more information.

  • On Wednesday 12 June the INSLM delivered an address at the Lowy Institute "Encryption and citizenship stripping legislation: Are Australia's latest security laws necessary and proportionate?". Read or listen to the address and Q&A for more information. We are also receiving submissions for the upcoming public hearing of the citizenship revocation review. These submissions can be found under Terrorism-related Citizenship loss provisions

  • On Tuesday 2 April  The Government tabled the INSLM’s report to the Prime Minister covering the prosecution & sentencing of children for Commonwealth Terrorism Offences, and also the INSLM’s annual report for 2017-2018.  Read Reviews and Reports for the details of the Children’s report. 

  • On 27 March the PJCIS issued a Media Release highlighting the Committee’s referral of the Telecommunications and other Legislation Amendment ( Assistance and Access) Act 2018 to the INSLM.  The media release can be read under the Current Reviews page.

  • On 26 March the Chair Mr Andrew Hastie MP, on behalf of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security ( PJCIS) referred for INSLM review and report by 1 March 2020 “A review of the operation, effectiveness and implications of amendments made by the Telecommunication and Other Legislation Amendment ( Assistance and Access) Act 2018. See Current Reviews for details.



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Current Review

The Citizenship Revocation review Public hearing was held 27 June 2019. For more details and to view the public hearing video and transcript please refer to the information under current review or select the links below.