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About the INSLM

The Independent National Security Legislation Monitor Act provides for the appointment of the INSLM. The INSLM independently reviews the operation, effectiveness and implications of national security and counter-terrorism laws; and considers whether the laws contain appropriate protections for individual rights, remain proportionate to terrorism or national security threats, and remain necessary. In conducting the review the INSLM has access to all relevant material, regardless of national security classification, can compel answers to questions, and holds public and private hearings. INSLM reports are provided to the Prime Minister and are tabled promptly in Parliament. The INSLM does not deal with complaints but welcomes submissions on the reviews. The INSLM is a part-time role and is supported by a small permanent staff located in Canberra.

There have been three INSLMs since the role began in 2010: Bret Walker SC, the Hon Roger Gyles AO, QC and the current INSLM, Dr James Renwick CSC SC.

Dr James Renwick CSC SC

The Current INSLM

Dr James Renwick CSC SC

The Governor-General has appointed Dr James Renwick CSC SC of 12 Wentworth/Selborne Chambers at the NSW Bar as the INSLM. This appointment is for a term concluding 30 June 2020. Dr Renwick had been acting as the INSLM, appointed by the Prime Minister since early 2017.

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