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Law making and law reform are inherently public processes. The Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (‘the Monitor’) makes as much of their work available to the public as possible, including through media engagement, hearings, roundtables and meetings with community groups. Details of the Monitor’s recent media engagements, speeches and other public activities are provided below. If you are a member of a media organisation or an academic or civil society group and would like to engage with the Monitor, please contact the INSLM office via

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News and Media

The INSLM review of secrecy offences in the Criminal Code has been released. It includes 15 recommendations. Issues identified include significant uncertainty about the scope of some offences, conflict with rule of law principles and problems with the proportionality of some offences.
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The statutory functions of the INSLM relate to the review of counter-terrorism and national security legislation, not the conduct of individuals. An alternative mechanism has been identified to independently review the conduct of officials involved in the non-disclosure of material in the Benbrika matter.
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