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The Current Monitor

Mr Jake Blight is the current Independent National Security Legislation Monitor. He was appointed for a three-year term by the Governor-General commencing in November 2023.

Jake Blight headshot

Jake is one of Australia's most experienced national security lawyers. He brings to the Monitor role a skill set that includes legal advising, oversight and review as well as academic research and teaching.

Having practiced in the field of national security laws for almost 25 years, Jake has advised extensively on key national security laws including advising government on the powers and immunities granted to intelligence and security agencies and the complexities of applying telecommunications interception powers designed in a different era to the internet.

Formerly Deputy Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, Jake has considerable experience in the independent oversight and review of the complex work of intelligence and security agencies. As Deputy and acting Inspector-General, Jake provided leadership to the agency through a period of significant change and growth. He also led a number of major inquiries that fuelled change across intelligence and security agencies, including in relation to analytic integrity, record keeping and the exchange of information.