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Current Reviews

The INSLM independently reviews the operation, effectiveness and implications of national security and counter-terrorism laws; and considers whether the laws contain appropriate protections for individual rights, remain proportionate to terrorism or national security threats, and remain necessary.

Secrecy Review

In January 2024 the INSLM commenced a review of the secrecy offences in Part 5.6 of the Criminal Code 1995 (‘Criminal Code’). Secrecy offences have a role to play in protecting national security but it is important that offences are necessary and proportionate, that they are operating effectively and contain appropriate safeguards. Excessively wide or uncertain secrecy laws can undermine trust in government and unreasonably impact the important role of a free press and civil society groups in a liberal democracy. This review has considered these and related issues.  The INSLM’s intent is for the report to be provided to the Attorney-General in May; it will likely be tabled in Parliament in June. Visit the secrecy review page for more information about this event.